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Mosquito Guard Repellent Spray (4 oz)

$13.99 $22.95
  • NATURAL MOSQUITO REPELLENT: Our mosquito repellent spray contains natural plant-based ingredients - Citronella Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Peppermint Oil and Geraniol

  • DEET FREE:  Our Mosquito Repellent spray does NOT contain any DEET.

  • ENJOY THE OUTDOORS: Great for a day in the park, camping, hiking or simply just lounging in the backyard with the family.

  • PLEASANT SCENT & NON-GREASY: Non-greasy spray feels light and smell fresh on the skin.

  • REPELLENT FOR ALL MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY: Our plant-based mosquito repellent spray can help protect everyone young and old from mosquito bites.

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