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About Us

Feel Safe, Be Safe with Mosquito Guard

Mosquito Guard is on a mission.  We want to help everyone enjoy being outdoors and indoors, without worrying about pesky pests…and without worrying about damaging the environment.  Our goal is providing safe, natural alternatives to traditional chemical based insect repellents.  When you choose 100% organic, plant-based insect repellents from Mosquito Guard, you choose to live and let live.  We think that’s a great choice.

 Mosquito Guard is in the “protection business.”  We strive to keep watch over the health of our customers and the Earth, too. All of our pest repellent products are formulated using exclusively 100% organic, plant-based ingredients. 

 Beyond our line of all-natural, organic repellents, we also offer other effective solutions to mosquito problems, such as  citronella candles, tea lights, repellent incense , repellent bracelets , repellent spray and crib netting.  In short, Mosquito Guard creates a showdown between insects and powerful 100% organic, plant-based formulations, and the winner is you.



Manuel Rey

Mosquito Guard - Founder